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Jul 20

Test Kitchen, Final Day


There was a moment yesterday. That moment every caterer goes through when they know the wave is about to crest and the fun part is about to begin. I was finally on my truck, in my kitchen with my best friend and everything that I had prepared began to come to fruition before my eyes. When you finally realize that you have covered your bases and you can just appreciate the joy of COOKING. I have waited a long time for this. I have put my footprint on a lot of places in this town, but this little truck. This is me. This is what I was made to do. Run small and efficient and use everything I have learned over twenty five years to put my best food forward in a non pretentious way. It's stress, but it's my stress. And stress is like cholesterol, there is good and bad. This is the good kind. It's avocado stress.

We hit the road for Monument to a friend's house that she was hosting and booked us. It was ideal as we needed to get our wits about us and organize properly. we realized two things on the long road there, some through windey dirt roads. Number one, all of my heavy equipment is on the left side of the truck, which makes hard right hand turns while exiting the freeway somewhat perilous (so I hear). I'm pretty sure I was up on two wheel at this point, half the shit I could hear coming off of shelves and Jim was giving me the nervous hyena laugh. Number two. we have clearance of up to fifteen feet. We did not calculate this, we prayed, clinched our butt cheeks and passed under the railroad bridge hoping the horrific sound of an exhaust fan being ripped from the truck was not the next sound we were about to hear.

Designing a truck is one thing, mapping it out as it pertains to the logistics of efficiency of two people moving on one bus is another. Especially when one dude is a pudgy bitch, such as myself. limited storage space, limited plating space, limited resources. These are all things that must be accounted for before hitting the road. This is the inherent nature of catering, and it can bite you in the ass if you are not the premeditating type. Fortunately the only essential thing I believe I forgot was butter, of all things. So we got set up and tested every single dish, 4-8 orders at a time. And got rushed and messy and felt our way around in the dark until we found the light. And it was FUN.

When you've done something for a very long time, it is difficult to keep your passion for it. It takes grooming, maintenance and ever change. I've always belonged in a gallie and I've always been that guy who stays in the kitchen at parties, because its home. And that's where my people can be found. On the island of misfit toys. Where the ingredients are blood, sweat and tears and in some sick kind of way we love to suffer, as long as we make other people happy in their bellies. I am on seventeen hour days again, something I told myself I would never do again. But it has called me back, with a different vision. One where road is still unclear, completely ambiguous and as long as you trust the process, you will be successful. Just like life. I am very proud and happy to have begun this journey. Stay on it with me. Panza llena, corazon contento.

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