Milieu Fermentation Co
Jul 20

Quarantine Cafe, Day 25


“The Trailer Trash Burger” all natural beef, Muenster, deluxe fixings, grilled brioche. Provisions starting to dwindle, we are down to 2 half full bottles of whiskey, some stout and 3 pounds of grass fed beef. Luckily the sun finally came out so we are able to make a stocking order to go to market tomorrow. Until then we are going to put some bad ass burgers from the grill on for the night and wish I had some Bailey’s for a “car bomb” special.

The natives are getting restless, the new line cook is getting more erratic by the day, (I WANT BEANS! NO I DONT WANT BEANS! GIMME THE BEANS!) and if her and the sous chef can’t get along I swear I’m gonna shit can the both of them. I make an executive decision to have the GM give newbie a bath and I would cover grill station for the night.

Once the work began my sous chef was on point. She mixed and seasoned the hamburgers in the mixer and then washed up and helped set the restaurant. After that I had her playing “gopher” between the grill and the kitchen, and between the two of us we had everything in it’s place by the time bath time was over.
Beautiful night so we shut down the dining room and did everything al fresco. The burgers were cooked perfectly and everyone ate every bit save the newbie, who left hers untouched in protest of being benched.

After service the GM had to write up the sous chef, apparently she was hiding in the office with her laptop watching you tube while the team was getting crushed. So she signed a disciplinary form and hit the shower.

The grill became a campfire and the GM had newbie swaddled in a blanket in her arms, two beauties by the firelight. Seriously going to try and sleep with her tonight. Actually I try and sleep with her every night. She’s super professional in front of the employees and I am a huge pain in the ass but I always seem to end up beside her in bed. Must be my cooking skills, not my winning chef personality (HANDS PLEASE!!)

Once the staff was gone for the night I made my move and surprised the GM with ice cream and salted caramel and that sealed the deal. We were sleeping together within the hour. Somebody’s gotta open tomorrow...

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